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Woman Spends Over $1,000 On Plastic Surgery For Her Cat Because She Thinks It’s “Too Ugly”

A woman from Nanjing, in China’s Jiangsu Province, has been heavily criticized after taking her cat for plastic surgery because she didn’t like its appearance. According to her, the animal was “very ugly”.

The woman took the animal to the vet for eyelid surgery that cost her 10,000 yuan (nearly $1,500); Asian blepharoplasty, which involves adding a crease to the animal’s eyelids.

Vets made an incision in each of the cat’s eyelids using a scalpel after the owner judged his eyes ugly »Jiangsu Television reported.

A woman has her cat undergo plastic surgery because she finds it “very ugly”.

The leaked images show the area around the animal’s eyes reddened and swollen, with a line of dots visible under each eye.

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An employee of Rupeng Pet Hospital in Nanjing told reporters that he offered double eyelid surgery for cats and dogs, adding that the operation was common among dog owners who want their animals to participate in shows.

The woman was heavily criticized on Chinese social media. Eyelid surgery on humans first became popular in South Korea and Japan, and was the third most popular cosmetic surgery globally in 2015, after breast augmentation and liposuction.

According to reports, many animals suffering from infection, inability to breathe and eye problems can benefit from plastic surgery.

Although plastic surgery for pets is growing in popularity, experts emphasize that these procedures are for health, not aesthetics. But this isn’t the first time someone has given their pet bizarre plastic surgery.

In February 2017, a family in Russia came under fire after taking their dog for plastic surgery to change his ears and make him look more like the dog in the movie. “The Mask”against the advice of surgeons.

Wendy Higgins, international media director for Humane Society International, told the Daily Mail that any type of surgery in which an animal is anesthetized carries a health risk.

“Subjecting a cat or dog to this risk, and all the associated discomfort and fear, in the name of surgery nonessential to human vanity, is certainly irresponsible and does not serve the best interests of well-being. animal being. »

“All animals are beautiful…The surgical alteration of our pets for purely cosmetic reasons is neither kind nor reasonable. Unless there is a health need for the animal, as may be the case, for example, with certain breeds, we should love them as they are. »

Keith Guo, PETA Spokespersonsaid pet owners might want to reconsider whether to own a pet in the first place if they feel the need to change the way their pets look.




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