Yoann Laousse-Azpiazu, Stade Montois’ “all-risk insurance”

“The ducks have all quietly returned home and are doing very well,” laughs the Mons backer.

Montois Rugby Stadium

“Each team had to manage a live animal, which had to stay alive until the end of the week, continuing behind. Baptiste Hézard had the idea of ​​the ducks. I took four of them (his parents have about thirty of them in Parentis-en- Born, editor’s note), they all came home quietly and they are doing very well! “And the yellow and black had even given them nicknames:” Their names were Patrick Milhet, Stéphane Prosper, Rémi Talès and Julien Tastet. We even gave them little marks (laughs)…” The story doesn’t say whether their coaches appreciated the wink. But the cohesion goal pursued this week appears to have been met. “It’s little days like that , making up for lost time,” Laousse-Azpiazu approves. Which is not really his case.

“A great guy”

At 31, Parentissois has amassed nearly 240 Pro D2 games and 1,300 points to his credit, at US Dax (2011-2015) and then at Stade Montois, establishing himself as an essential element of the back triangle. for eight seasons now. . “”Yo” is very important in our operation, assures its manager Patrick Milhet. He is a local player, a real rugby player who appears at the back but also in 10 or in any other position on the ground if you are annoyed. He will never disappoint, he has speed, he is a goalscorer. He is also a great guy, with importance in our dressing room. “All-risk insurance” as his coach Rémi Talès likes to call it.

Experienced, “75% Landes” (the name Azpiazu comes from his maternal grandfather, Spanish Basque) and pillar of the yellow and black collective, the person in question is not really full, even rather discreet. Questions about temperament. “I like messing around, but I’m not the biggest stayer. I am quite modest, quiet and collected. I like to bring good mood, positive energy. But I have a bad temper after all… Complaining is apparently good for your health, so if I don’t, worry about me (laughs)! »

“We are hard on him”

Part of the dressing room, Noa’s father (age 3) – who is expecting a happy event next March with his partner Mathilde – is just as much on the pitch. In his management of high balls, his qualities as a scorer (109 points in 9 games), his burst of speed or his knowledge of the game.” He always reacts immediately, says Talès. You have to admit that sometimes we are a bit hard on him, but it is also to push him, because he has a lot of experience and the team trusts him a lot. Unfortunately, he is in a position where it shows when he misses a game. We wish him the best and I believe he has not yet reached the fullness of his means. The older he is, the better he gets. He might lose a little speed, but he will think a lot more about the game and its expectations. »

The young 30-year-old confirms the words of his specific coach: “Already last year I turned a corner in the approach to certain keys to the game, such as duels or the ruck. I know my shortcomings, my qualities and my faults. I try to keep my strong points, the game on foot, the vision of the game and the communication on the pitch. As long as I feel good physically, I will continue to develop. Playing regularly helps. » Regularly… Or too much?

A 9th season next year?

“He doesn’t have enough competition, regrets Patrick Milhet. It’s annoying because you can’t put it down at any point. He would need healthy competition to rest, as in this match in Aix before Nevers at home. And we can’t do that. Yoann Laousse-Azpiazu will be well-adjusted at the head of the rear triangle this Thursday evening, flock to the 15 he will wear for the 8th time this season. Nothing surprising in the absence of Bento (in the Portuguese selection) and with De Nardi back from injury and on the bench in Provence.

“I am very attached to the club, but I have personal and family interests to defend. I will consider all the opportunities that come my way.”

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