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You have to decorate Mylie, the brave little dog who discovered bed bugs

To: [email protected]

Dear Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honor,

We have a family tradition, my mother and I, that we call self-punishment. The principle is simple: torpedo moments of pleasure by missing actions with maximum irritation.

In doubt

Each Thursday

Memories of adolescence, day 1 of vacation in Italy with my mother, the house is amazing. Every piece fills us with happiness. My mother twists her ankle on a terrace step. A classic.

In the middle of October I go alone to the island of Sein to rest. I discover that the grocer makes golden pancakes, which she sells in packs of six. I buy two packages. In the evening, I roll pancakes as if they were cigarettes. In two days I swallow twelve. On my way back I sail in the raz de Sein, the waves swell as if giant umbrellas opened under the sea I think of pancakes, this is the beginning of the longest seasickness of my life.

Don’t let me go here, Grand Chancellery, I’ll get to the point

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