Your home insurance will reimburse with repaired equipment

Your home insurance will reimburse with repaired equipment

Cédric Wehry and Olivier Boulangé, with ten years of experience in insurance, may have found a way to decarbonize this sector. Your idea? Insuring goods, especially electronic and electrical goods, by offering a repaired equivalent rather than replacement in the event of damage. The company for the two insurance companies, called JeSuisReco and based in Strasbourg, has just been launched in November 2022.

Even if a problem occurs on a ten-year-old device, the insured will be able to benefit from a newer refurbished device, usually two to five years old. “Of course, the insured has the choice to choose a cash refund if he prefers, Cédric Wehry clarifies. We do not stand up as lecturers.” Strasbourgeois claims to have already recruited several clients, but does not provide further details about his initial results.JeSuisReco works in partnership with the Envie network, which specializes in renovation.


Purchasing power: what if you went from new to refurbished?

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