This dog has been desperately waiting for her dream family for over a year and a half

Naya is the oldest resident of the Belgian refuge Floriffoux. She has been “behind bars” for more than a year and a half. For the new year 2023, the volunteers have set themselves several goals, including finding him the ideal family at any cost. © The Blue Cross of Belgium Refuge de Floriffoux / Facebook … Read more

A veterinary assistant adopts a ritual full of tenderness for animals waking up from anesthesia (video)

It is perfectly normal for animals to become upset after anesthesia. However, some of them are lucky to be in good hands as soon as they wake up: Alina Rojas, a kind-hearted veterinary assistant living in the United States. © @alinaarojas_ / Instagram Internet users were more than 19 million to watch the video TikTok … Read more

These 10 signs that prove your dog loves you

Very demonstrative, dogs have several ways of showing their love for their master. Here are the 10 signs that testify to this attachment. Considered man’s best friend, there are approximately 6.7 million dogs in France. Both sociable and close to people, this animal is the ideal playmate. If you doubt his love for you, here … Read more