Nightmare in the kitchen: here is what becomes of the restaurant in Ouistreham after the arrival of Philippe Etchebest!

Philippe Etchebest is one of France’s most popular chefs. Moreover, behind the scenes of French gastronomy, we also know him through these multiple performances on the screen. The chef is also in charge of several television programs on M6, including Kitchen nightmare. Kitchen nightmare is a program broadcast on M6 since 18 april 2011. The … Read more

Word in mouth: dryness

Each week, a word concerning food, food, gastronomy. Today: “drought”, appropriate after the torrid summer that is ending. Article written by Posted on 04/09/2022 09:14 Update on 04/09/2022 13:37 Reading time : 1 min. The drought is, this year, exceptional, with an impact on the fruit and vegetable stalls for the start of the school … Read more

Introduction to fermentation, for tasty foods that are good for the microbiota

They give pep to your dishes, are excellent for your health and easy to prepare at home, fermented foods are investing more and more in kitchens. Decryption. Lacking oxygen can be good! You only need to leave some carrot or celery sticks in a tightly sealed jar for a while to be convinced. Under the … Read more

What food for a return to sport?

“We must forget the sweet breakfast, with milk, cereals and orange juice, not very satisfying in the long term“. The specialist recommends turning to a salty meal, based on proteins, quality carbohydrates and fatty acids rich in omega 3. Among the recommended foods, wholemeal bread, cottage cheese, ham, eggs, oilseeds, fresh fruit, not fruit juice. … Read more

after the ransacking of the Espacio Piscina in Auxerre on the sidelines of AJA-OM, the boss “does not take off”

The boss of the Espacio Piscina has just been heard by the police. Yesterday, his restaurant located near the Abbé-Deschamps stadium was ransacked during a clash between ultra Marseille and Auxerre supporters. The scientific police are on the spot. A clash between rival supporters in a crowded restaurant at lunchtime: how could such events have … Read more