Why do cats always land on their feet?

Cats have this impressive ability to land (almost always) on their feet due to their great flexibility. A scientist looked into the subject in 1984. Explanations with our columnist Kristofer in The 8/9 continues. Using a chronophotographic camera, which takes 60 images per second, the French scientist Etienne-Jules Marey tracked every move of a falling … Read more

A seriously injured woman and a chihuahua killed by a mastiff in Beauvais

The victim was operated on at the Isle-Adam hospital while the owner of the animal was interviewed at the Beauvais police station. The dog was entrusted to the services of the SPA. Weighing around fifty kilos, the cane corso attacked a chihuahua and a 44-year-old woman. – Drawing By Yoann Roche Journalist at L’Aisne Nouvelle … Read more

Bad news for Tornado Cash! It is blacklisted in the USA!

Tornado Cash, a cryptocurrency mixing protocol, is accused by the US Treasury of money laundering and facilitating malicious cyber activities. In all, the US Treasury accuses Tornado Cash of having laundered nearly $7 billion since 2019. As a result, restrictions are applied to them and the platform is blacklisted as cryptocurrency mixers, which prohibits Americans … Read more

Moscow confirms negotiating the exchange of a Russian arms trafficker detained in the United States

A Russian diplomat confirmed on Saturday that Moscow and Washington were discussing a possible prisoner exchange involving in particular a Russian arms trafficker detained in the United States and an American basketball player detained in Russia. The United States has repeatedly declared that it has made a “substantial offer” to obtain the release of two … Read more

“I fell in love with him”

Animals lost and abandoned in the middle of cities run the risk of getting into dangerous situations and being trapped in places that they need human help to get out of. And not everyone is lucky enough to get out of it. A few days ago, the fate of Tyson Hood, an American firefighter, changed … Read more