the best protection against weight gain

But the results contradict this received idea. An interesting study on nuts conducted by researchers from Loma Linda University located in the Los Angeles area of ​​the United States found that people who regularly consume nuts, a high-fat food, are more likely to lose weight. weight and see their risks related to obesity and overweight … Read more

Texas Republicans dream of independence again

A referendum in favor of “Texit” was the subject of a bill in 2021 at the initiative of the Texan Republican Party. After the failure of this text, the party reiterated its request during the Republican convention of Texas, which was held in Houston from June 16 to 18. Party officials called on citizens to … Read more

These dogs are waiting at the Nargis refuge: discover the portraits of Nala, Murphy, Max and Ryley

Nala4 years old, German shorthaired pointer mix Last name : NalaSex : FemaleAge : 4 yearsBreed : German shorthaired pointer crossTemper : Full of energy, she has not really received an education. She is sociable with dogs, knows children. But it will be necessary to avoid cats and birds, or anything that could represent “game” … Read more

Joe Biden caught in the turmoil unleashed by the Supreme Court

Published on : 06/26/2022 – 04:10 Since his election, the American president has chained crises: post-Covid recovery, inflation, supply problems, baby milk crisis and now the right to abortion after the liberalization of firearms by the Supreme Court. And even when he gets a few wins, they still taste bittersweet. With our correspondent in New … Read more

Behind the photo of a dog sent by mistake to a colleague, her moving story of friendship with her owner attacked with a knife

Monkee and his mistress are inseparable. The latter will never forget the support and comfort that her dog had given her the day she had received several stab wounds in a park. A misunderstanding that recently took place with a colleague highlighted their beautiful friendship. © Emma Berquist/Twitter The story of a dog called monkee … Read more

Real or fake Basquiat? The FBI seizes 25 works from the Museum of Art in Orlando, USA

The FBI has seized 25 works attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat and exhibited in Florida, their authenticity appearing doubtful, we learned on Saturday from the Orlando Museum of Art. The museum, which exhibited them, complied on Friday with an FBI request to have access to the exhibition Heroes and Monsters: Jean-Michel Basquiat and the works are … Read more