Dozens of insurance fraud in appeal in Liège: “I paid all my creditors”, says Fabrice Dorpel

Dozens of insurance fraud in appeal in Liège: "I paid all my creditors", says Fabrice Dorpel

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, Fabrice Dorpel, a fifty-year-old from Arlon, is at the head of this criminal organization. He may be sentenced to two years in prison and a 10-year ban on commercial behavior in society, confiscations, especially at his mother’s expense. The man is already known to the court. Since the start … Read more

Strikes against pensions: TotalEnergie’s employees are not “ready” to stop refineries

The CGT is finally calling for a 48-hour strike, on Tuesday 7 February and Wednesday 8 February 2023, against the 72 hours originally planned. It was originally planned to stop production in the refineries as part of the strike movement against the pension reform project – Photo archive Paris-Normandie Published: 2 February 2023 at 15.06. … Read more

This dog has been desperately waiting for her dream family for over a year and a half

Naya is the oldest resident of the Belgian refuge Floriffoux. She has been “behind bars” for more than a year and a half. For the new year 2023, the volunteers have set themselves several goals, including finding him the ideal family at any cost. © The Blue Cross of Belgium Refuge de Floriffoux / Facebook … Read more

a lawyer registers son client and Porte plaine contre lui


This affair is particularly serious, elle peut nuire à la confiance entre avocats et justiciables. Il faut stopper les pratiques déloyales, Sinon où va Notre Société? », formerly Ingrid Botella. L’avocate lyonnaise a solemnement réclamé la relaxe de son client, ce judi 2 février au Tribunal correctionnel de Lyon, en esimant que les pursuitages engagées … Read more

the metropolis launches a campaign to sterilize stray cats

the metropolis launches a campaign to sterilize stray cats

The SPA estimates that 60,000 stray cats are present in the metropolis of Lyon. The society has just presented a plan to stem the increase in this population. Le Figaro Lyon The metropolis of Lyon presented on Wednesday its support plan for municipalities to sterilize stray cats. Currently, SPA estimates that 60,000 of them are … Read more