a Messina lawyer in turmoil

While she was the counsel for a man involved in the fatal brawl that took place in June 2020 in an apartment on rue Kellermann in the Sablon district of Metz, a Metz lawyer is suspected of having revealed information on the case. to another defendant who was then on the run. The investigation is … Read more

MAP. Demonstration in Paris of lawyers and magistrates opposed to the vaccination pass

By Marie-Amelie Marchal Published on 1 Mar 22 at 6:48 News Paris See my news Follow this media Tuesday March 1, 2022, lawyers, clerks, magistrates, will mobilize against the vaccine pass before the judicial court in Paris. (©Illustration / Pixabay) Mobilization of black robes against the vaccination pass. Tuesday, March 1, 2022, lawyers, jurists, magistrates, … Read more

“The terms of the oath do not apply to me”

Who is appearing today? Fabrice the media zebulon, the entertainer of TV sets, the compulsive twitto who investigates “asshole” per kilometer, the political juggler rallied to Marine Le Pen? Or master Di Vizio, the swordsman of the courtrooms, opponent number 1 to health restriction measures in times of Covid – according to him liberticides – … Read more

The Lyon Bar Association asks Éric Dupond-Moretti to put an end to prison overcrowding

This is a motion that was recently adopted by the Council of the Bar Association of Lyon. Under the presidency of the Bâtonnière Marie-Josèphe Laurent, its members wished to question the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti. Regretting that in France, 71,819 people are detained while prison establishments have only 60,719 places combined, the motion asks … Read more