Disappearance of Marion 25 years ago in Agen: her parents’ lawyer writes to the judge to study the trail of “Grêlé”

the essential On November 14, 2021, it has been 25 years since little Marion disappeared in Agen. Between his school and his home, barely 400 meters where this drama took place. On the BFM TV set, the historic lawyer for Marion’s parents took stock without hiding the many problems of this file. As for the … Read more

A lawyer to support family assistants

the essential The association of family assistants held its general assembly Thursday in Verniolle where several problems were raised. Ariège not in the nails by placing children in overloaded foster families? This is what the association of foster families (AFA) of the department denounces through the voice of its president, Denis Leblond. “The law of … Read more

lawyers, on screen and in court

This is the story of a meeting. Militant, professional, friendly. Sylwia Gregorczyk and Michał Wawrykiewicz, two Polish lawyers, who barely knew each other, when they found themselves before the Supreme Court on July 23, 2017, in the midst of a demonstration for the independence of justice. → PORTRAIT. Poland: Igor Tuleya, rebellious judge despite himself … Read more