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They tired of the SPA after the discovery of an abandoned cat in a parking lot

A cat was left behind a parked vehicle in a car park near a house in Seine-et-Marnaise. Another sad abandonment of the local SPA, where we do not understand this attitude from the owners.

SPA of Vaux-le-Penil (77) pushes a ” fits of anger » on his page Facebook, after so much abandonment as was recently observed near his refuge. A cat has indeed been deposited in its transport box placed behind a car in a parking lot, reported Republic of Seine-et-Marne.

The facts took place on Thursday 22 December. The discovery was made by a driving instructor who immediately went to the shelter to inform the staff.

The location of the red-robed feline could have caused him an accident, even if he was in his litter box. One bad maneuver on the part of a motorist leaving his parking space and the worst would have happened to the four-legged friend.

Celine Tougay, who runs the shelter, does not take away. ” Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have seen such a gesture. “, she says to Republic of Seine-et-Marne.

We will never be able to understand why a living being who has certainly shared his life with one who gives him affection and love, can end this way, with so little consideration, on the part of humans who have thus abandoned him. “, we can also read on the page Facebook from the association.

The cat entrusted to the pound, then to the SPA

The cat is neutered but not identified. At the crisis center we therefore know absolutely nothing about his past. He must stay 8 days at the pound Vaux-le-Penil. After this legal period, if no one comes forward to claim it, it can be taken over by the SPA and offered for adoption.

Illustration of the article: SPA is tired after the discovery of an abandoned cat in a parking lot
The SPA – Refuge of Vaux le Pénil / Facebook

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Pénivauxoise SPA, which also reminds us that it is available to people who can no longer keep their animals, so that the disposal takes place in the best possible conditions, by agreement. The goal is both to ensure the animal’s safety and to learn more about it, which will then facilitate its location.

In his post Facebookasks the association not to give in to this facility, which is very often dangerous for the animal “.




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