For the food safety police, it’s a nightmare in the kitchen

AFP, published on Friday, December 9, 2022 at 10:06 a.m “We will file there, it’s not good.” Barely entered with their police escort in a dubious kebab at the exit of the station in Arnouville (Val-d’Oise), the agents for the control of hygiene understand that they have work to do. It’s almost noon before lunch … Read more

Crop and row insurance: it’s going to move fast and for everyone! – Fatherland

Sophie Boillin, farmer in Avoudrey and vice-president of Groupama Grand Est. Published on: November 18, 2022 Major changes by 2023 for risk management and in particular the transformation of crop insurance and the disappearance of the agricultural disaster system. Back to this topic with Groupama’s intervention in front of FDSEA and JA du Doubs members, … Read more

Crop and row insurance: it’s going to move fast and for everyone! – Fatherland

Crop and row insurance: it's going to move fast and for everyone!  - Fatherland

The disappearance of agricultural disasters? Crop insurance that is becoming almost mandatory? There were many questions from FDSEA and JA members at the community hall in Epenoy on Wednesday 9 November before the intervention of Groupama Grand Est. This meeting took place in the presence of Éric Morel, who on the occasion represented the cereals, … Read more

thousands of opponents to “refill” a water supply despite the ban

thousands of opponents to "refill" a water supply despite the ban

The historic drought strengthens them in their resistance: several thousand demonstrators are preparing on Saturday to try to counter the ban on the Deux-Sèvres prefecture and an impressive gendarmerie device to reach the construction site of a water reserve that they intend to “restore” . “Sainte-Soline is 720,000 cubic meters of water over more than … Read more

“A connection between insurance and the National Solidarity Fund” – La Terre de Chez Nous

François Schmitt, Chairman of Groupama Grand-Est: “It is about rebuilding the logic of resilience in operations made possible by insurance, in the face of climatic hazards”. Published on: October 28, 2022 While the reform of multi-risk climate insurance (MRC) is entering its concrete phase, François Schmitt, chairman of Groupama Grand-Est, discusses the reasons that led … Read more

These mammals grow their food too

They are identifiable by mounds of sandy soil that dot a field: gophers, small rodents, cultivate the Earth under our feet by constantly remodeling it. These rodents turn out to be the only mammals besides humans that practice agriculture! We are not the only ones mammals to practice agriculture. This is what has just been … Read more

Raw milk cheeses, bacteria at work

AFP, published on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 10:14 a.m. Prized in France for their unique flavor, banned in other countries, raw milk cheeses are regularly talked about again during food poisoning. Between health concerns and gastronomic interest, it is the action of thousands of bacteria, “good” or “bad”, which illustrates its complexity. “The richness … Read more