the FBI’s search of Trump’s house is justified, says his ex-Minister of Justice

Published on : 03/09/2022 – 21:17 The crisis is consumed between Donald Trump and his former Minister of Justice William Barr. He had defended it on just about everything during his presidency, but in an interview on Fox News, Bill Barr did not seek to justify the presence of sensitive documents in the residence of … Read more

Alaska sends its first ever Native female congresswoman to Congress

Missed return for Sarah Palin. The former candidate for the vice-presidency of the United States, in 2008, and star of the populist right, before the emergence of Donald Trump, was seeking a seat in Congress. But, despite the support of the businessman from Queens exiled in Florida, she was overtaken by an indigenous Democratic candidate. … Read more

Mississippi and Louisiana fear flooding after heavy rains

Published on : 08/28/2022 – 19:06 The United States continues to face extreme natural phenomena. After the fires and floods in the west, it’s the turn of the south. With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki “ Evacuate immediately! This is the message of the mayor of Jackson to the inhabitants of this city … Read more

Fifty years after the last Apollo mission, the United States returns to the Moon

Published on : 08/28/2022 – 09:16 In Cape Canaveral, Florida, NASA has started the countdown. The first mega-rocket of the Artemis program is scheduled to take off Monday morning around 8:33 a.m. local time. This first test flight will not be manned, but the goal for the Americans is to send astronauts back to the … Read more

In the United States, the number of monkeypox cases is falling

Published on : 08/28/2022 – 04:13 But the authorities remain cautious. The decline would be linked to more effective awareness, while vaccination remains slow. With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki For the American authorities, it is still too early to claim victory, but the hope of seeing the monkeypox epidemic recede seems to … Read more

a change in scale and nature

Published on : 08/24/2022 – 20:39 Already six months of war in Ukraine. And on this occasion, the United States is putting its hands in the wallet, for this sad anniversary. The American president announced, this Wednesday, August 24, new military aid to kyiv, amounting to nearly three billion dollars. Yet another financial and military … Read more

the Republican camp handicapped by certain candidates?

Published on : 08/22/2022 – 03:56 The campaign for the midterm elections continues in the United States. For months, observers have been expecting a Republican tidal wave. But it looks more complicated than expected to obtain the majority in the Senate. With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin “ The majority is more likely to … Read more