The Lyon Bar Association asks Éric Dupond-Moretti to put an end to prison overcrowding

This is a motion that was recently adopted by the Council of the Bar Association of Lyon. Under the presidency of the Bâtonnière Marie-Josèphe Laurent, its members wished to question the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti. Regretting that in France, 71,819 people are detained while prison establishments have only 60,719 places combined, the motion asks … Read more

Our surprising Creole literature!

Our two shock cops are back. Always as insightful, always as devious when it comes to chasing apprentice killers of all stripes. We cannot reproach our Reunionese literature for being monotonous. Books on history, geography, tourism, cooking recipes (sometimes more or less authentic); poetry, novels, theatre, biographies, essays, politics, sociology, you can find everything and, … Read more

Perdriau rules out resigning, lawyer says

After more than three hours in police custody, the mayor of Saint-Étienne is released and wants to continue his mandate. The LR mayor of Saint-Etienne and president of the Saint-Etienne metropolis, Gaël Perdriau, splashed by a political blackmail scandal within his municipality, rules out stepping back or resigning, his lawyer told AFP on Thursday 15 … Read more

A grand prix dog race in Villeurbanne!

Animations, music and… a dog race. Here is the program announced by the municipality of Villeurbanne for this colorful weekend. Behind this project, an artist: Jean-Luc Courcoult, also author and director for the company Royal de Luxe. The latter has carte blanche, as part of the French Capital of Culture label, awarded to Villeurbanne this … Read more

Alexeï Navalny says he is prohibited from private exchanges with his lawyers

Imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s main critic, said he was deprived of confidential conversations with his lawyers, which could make it increasingly difficult for him to communicate with the outside world. In a message posted Thursday, September 8 on Twitter, the 46-year-old anti-corruption activist said he was summoned by the management of his … Read more

for Kirchner’s lawyer, the assailant “did not act alone”

One of the lawyers for Argentinian Vice-President Cristina Kirchner, the target Thursday evening of an assassination attempt, estimated on Sunday that the armed assailant, who was arrested on the spot and has been detained since, “did not act alone”. “He did not act alone, because there were preparatory events for the assassination attempt. There were … Read more

after the attack on Kirchner, the parliament shows an uneasy unity

AFP, published on Sunday, September 04, 2022 at 04:43 The Argentine Chamber of Deputies displayed an uneasy unity on Saturday illustrating the country’s political tension, condemning the attack on Cristina Kirchner and calling for “social peace”, but seeing the main right-wing opposition party leave the hemicycle immediately after the vote. The deputies were convened in … Read more

Miracle, the lost dog from Piton des Neiges finds his family six months later

“He’s our Filou. He came home with us yesterday (Saturday). We lost him six months ago at the Plaine des Palmistes”entrusts us this Sunday his family. “When we saw his photo on your site, we knew it was him! He is very fearful with people he does not know, no one could have caught him, … Read more

​LMR supports Reunionese livestock farming undermined by animal wandering

This situation has been making headlines on our island for years, and has led to massacres of chickens, ducks, goats, deer and even horses. It must be said that we are surely one of the places in the world where there are the most stray dogs per inhabitant, not to mention all those who are … Read more

Suffering from cancer, Jane Fonda denounces the inequality of access to care in the United States, “aware” of being “privileged”

“My dear friends, I have something personal that I want to share”. It is with her words that the American actress and activist Jane Fonda announced, Friday, September 2, that she was suffering from cancer on the social network Instagram. 84 years old, she However, she said she was optimistic about her chances of recovery. … Read more