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10 Signs Your Cat Considers You His Mother

They have a reputation for being independent animals. However, cats can also form emotional bonds very deeply with those who care about them. A certain number of behaviors show this devotion and attachment to their master. Moreover, some signs may indicate it your cat considers you his mother.

These movements are often similar to those they would make towards their biological mother. In doing so, they reveal the depth of emotional bonds that kittens can develop with those who nurture and protect them.

1. Kneading with the legs

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The famous “kneading” of cats consists of pressing on a surface, like a blanket or your legs, with their front paws. This feline body language is inherited from the days when they massaged their mother’s breasts to stimulate milk.

2. Cat licks

Mother cats teach their kittens to lick themselves to clean themselves, but also to create social bonds. When cats become adults, they reproduce this behavior with their human masters. When an adult cat licks its owner, he shows her his affection. This is a type of nonverbal cat communication that indicates a strong emotional connection.

3. The cat rubs against you

Cats rub together to mark their territory using pheromones secreted by the sebaceous glands located on certain parts of the body, such as the head. This behavior usually involves you rubbing yourself, which expresses comfort and affection.

4. Sleep with you

When a cat is still small, it doesn’t need to worry while it sleeps. His mother will probably see to his safety. As cats grow, they become more aware of what is going on around them and this can disrupt their sleep. If your cat chooses to sleep when he is near you, he feels safe with you.

5. Spin in your presence

10 Signs Your Cat Considers You His Mother
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There are many interpretations of a cat’s purr. But the most widespread and most studied indicates a state of contentment. If your cat purrs in your presence, it means that he sees you as a comforting figure.

In addition, purring is an important form of communication between female cats and their kittens. Kittens are born blind and deaf. Thus, the vibrations of the mother’s purr act as an auditory guide to find her.

6. The cat attracts attention with meows

Kittens seek to attract their mother’s attention for food and grooming by meowing. When a cat meows when you are with it, it may be trying to communicate a need or desire, as it did with its mother.

7. Follows you everywhere

When they are small, cats follow their mother and their brothers and sisters to stay close to them and feel safe. This behavior is based on the survival instinct and the need for protection and companionship.

One of the signs that you and your kitty share a deep emotional bond is the fact that he follows you everywhere. So this could mean that your kitten sees you as a kind of surrogate mother. A hypothesis that researcher and zoologist John Bradshaw has just confirmed.

8. Play with you

This is a very important activity for cats. When young, they play with their mother and siblings to learn how to hunt. They also learn to coordinate their movements and socialize. Playing with you (trying to “chase” or chase you) is therefore a sign that your cat loves you and considers you part of its social group.

9. Sticks his belly near you

Did you know that a cat’s stomach is one of the most vulnerable parts of its body? This is because it lacks natural protection, such as a thick coat of fur or hard skin. In the wild, felines instinctively protect this area. If your cat shows you its belly, it means that it trusts you 100%, just like its mother.

10. Your cat gives you a “treat”

If your cat likes to leave the house and come back a few hours later, she may have left an unpleasant treat, such as a mouse or dead bird, at your feet. This behavior then indicates that the cat consider you an important member of their social group. It’s actually a way for him to share his hunt.



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