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2 complaints will be filed, indicates Me Noachovitch, lawyer for the victim’s family

“The driver is primarily responsible for this death”, launched this Wednesday, June 8 on RTL Maître Sylvie Noachovitch, who defends the family of Rayana, 21, the passenger killed on Saturday in Paris by the police. This is why the family files a complaint “against the driver for manslaughter because, by refusing to comply, while the passengers begged him to stop, he committed a deliberate violation of the rules of prudence and safety and caused the death of this young girl”.

The police, who fired “six shots at the passenger”, including one in the head of the victim, “without a criminal record who did not know the driver and did not approve of his leaks”, plead self-defense, claiming that the driver was going straight for them. This version of the facts is contested by Master Noachovitch who also announced that he had filed a complaint “against X for intentional violence resulting in death without intention to give it and involuntary homicide. Because, according to the version of the witnesses, there was no more of danger to their lives when fired and self-defense cannot be invoked by the police“.

On Tuesday June 7, the three police officers responsible for the shots were released from police custody without being prosecuted while the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody. In addition, an investigation was entrusted to an investigating judge. “All the light will be shed on this case thanks to the instruction which will take place,” added the lawyer for the victim’s family.

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