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2 kittens met in foster care, and since then they have been an inseparable duo (video)

Andrea Christian, foster mother for cats in Tampa (Florida), offered a warm home to Karl and Derek. These 2 kittens arrived at her home at a very young age and have blossomed perfectly thanks to their love for each other. Where are they today? The answer will please you…

Want to read a story that will lift your heart? You are in the right place. Carl and Derek2 little balls of fur, will know how to seduce you with their adventures full of tenderness, told by lovemeow. To understand how it all started, you need to go back a few weeks…

Little Karl’s metamorphosis

Andrea Christianfoster mother for cats at St Francis Animal Rescue (in Florida), host Carl under his roof when he was only 3 weeks old. His arrival was not easy: he was very small and feverish, and the young woman mobilized day and night to get him back on his feet.

Oxygen machine, incubator and drugs characterized the first hours Carl in the house of Andrea. The kitten suffered from various respiratory infections, but thanks to his courage and the unfailing devotion of his benefactor, he managed to regain his strength.

Gradually, Carl knew how to show a voracious appetite and was very playful in his new home. Andrea However, he decided that another feline partner would be ideal to keep this energetic little ball of fur company. She then decided to welcome another kitten by name Derek.

They quickly became best friends for life

In contrast to Carl, the newcomer was much more afraid. He hissed and spat immediatelyAndrea approached him. He will find comfort and security in Carlwhich allowed him to come out of his shell.

2 days after his arrival, Derek gradually got rid of his worries. He started playing with his cat brother around the house and became more confident about himself and others. None of this would have been possible without the love of Carl.

Impossible to separate them!

After a few weeks, the duo was put up for adoption. Andrea hoped with all my heart that it would take place within the same household and that these 2 furballs would never leave each other. In the middle of the holiday season, his wish came true…

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As December 31 approaches, Carl and Derek joined their eternal family together. To Andrea, there was no better way to start the new year! These kittens will never be separated and will be able to enjoy each other until the end of their days…




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