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26 unexpected things found in a fridge

26 unexpected things found in a fridge

The refrigerator is in almost every kitchen, and it is primarily used to keep food cool. But sometimes people put things in there that don’t belong. Here is a Reddit group Refrigerator detective where users have shared many pictures of things that don’t belong in a fridge. In this selection you will be able to see a cat, a dog, toys, cheese and eggs galore or even LEGO. We don’t want to talk about hygiene! And if not, here is a too cute selection of animals in full pregnancy.

1/ What is he doing there?!

2/ In another world

3/ a healthy cat

4/ The complete little family of cats

5/ A small construction in LEGO

6/ Another cat!

7/ Pickles for life

8/ a pair of shoes…

9/ He didn’t expect to be seen

10/ A pincushion cabinet

11/ A vessel for resting

12/ A small piece of meat!

13/ tomatoes again and again

14/ A fan of fried chicken

15/ Must not be disturbed

16/ the fridge of a cheese fan

17/ We are hungry!

18/ Nobody wants to see me

19/ Strange, very strange

20 / an omelette?

21/ an aquarium…

22/ cats are everywhere

23/ some ice in your Coke?

24/ a bookshelf with style

25/ ready for a raclette?

26/ There is nothing left

And to go even further, discover inventions designed for pets.


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