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43M people are hilarious (video)

The cat has a strange habit as soon as it is in the room: 43M people are hilarious (video)

A video posted on TikTok has seduced all cat lovers!

A rather unusual habit

Pishy the cat loves when his mistress puts him to bed and tucks him in, just like you would with a child.

In the video, a woman holds Pishy in her arms. She lays him in a very soft bed and puts the blankets back on his little body, placing his paws over the duvet so that the tomcat is well tucked in.

His mistress commented on the video, stating “She stays in bed like this all night. His name is Pishy. »

The video has over 43 million views

Internet users really liked watching this video. The vision of the cat within this ocean of sweetness warmed their hearts:

“It healed some kind of pain inside me,” Tiana wrote.

Violet commented, “The way you can hear him purr at the end. She is so cute! »

In response, Pishy’s mistress Camm_brii added, “I love that you heard her purr, because she has an extremely loud purr for some reason. »

Following the success of the video, Camm_brii shared another video where we see Pishy also on his mistress’s bed, sleeping soundly:

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