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A bulldog is stuck between a vet and his mistress for unpaid care

After a car accident in August, Bobby, a French bulldog, is taken to the vet for treatment. Since the care is unpaid, the animal is caught between its owners and the Salines clinic in Calais.

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On August 19, a dog, Bobby, was the victim of a traffic accident, rue Archimède in Calais. ” He was hit by a car “, sums up its owner. The French bulldog suffers from a broken pelvis and requires rehabilitation. ” They told me:
“Do everything there is to do,” adds Valérie Delval, veterinarian at the Salines clinic, Place Crèvecœur in Calais, referring to Bobby’s masters.

Four months in the clinic

The veterinarian offers care for ” cage therapy “. In other words, the dog is immobilized in a cage, to prevent its pelvis from moving. One six weeks of treatment can be performed in a clinic or at home if the owners have the right equipment. The Huddlestone family accepts the salaries before they are overtaken by a financial reality. For these treatments, the clinic requires a payment of more than €600, which the family accepts… but is unable to pay. ” I’m on sick leave ” argues Angeline Huddlestone.

Result: Bobby is kept in a cage at the clinic. For several weeks, the animal, which no longer has to be kept with the pelvis maintained, moved to Dr. Delval’s home, then to a colleague’s home. ” We took him home to be well looked after “, in a more spacious surroundings. Four months passed before Angeline Huddlestone was visited by a bailiff at the end of December, seized by the vet. The private dispute was then made public by Bobby’s owner, who alerted our editors to the large amounts requested: €3,135, including €1,999 for custody and care costs, which rose to €1,136.

Opposite versions

During these four months, they refused to let us see bobby », indignant Angeline Huddlestone. ” They never called, we called to tell news about Bobby. The only time I saw Madame and where she asked to see Bobby and where she saw him was when I proposed the settlement of €70 in installments. We never heard from that day “, counters the vet. ” I didn’t go back there because the last time I was there we had a fight so I didn’t want that to happen again “, Angeline Huddlestone finally specifies.

A feeling of “abandonment”

I think it’s incredible to turn the situation around, takes offense at the vet, outraged. It seems to us to be an aberration to give up your dog. The feeling we have is that we give our dog to be looked after and since we have a bill to pay, we give it up. What seems normal to us is that the dog goes back to its family. Afterwards, if people no longer want it, we will try to get it passed. »

Finally, this Thursday, Angéline Huddlestone was able to restore Bobby, but ” under the supervision of a bailiff “, who continue to demand the amounts due.

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