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A car destroyed by robbers, the insurance refuses to compensate and demands… a report

In 2014, Dominique’s car was hit by the Porsche of robbers trying to escape after robbing a jewelry store. For nearly eight years, he tried to be compensated by his insurance, which asked him for a report.

In northern France, a 2014 Porsche Cayenne stops at a red light. Inside, robbers have just robbed a jewelry store. Siren screams, the police are coming. The Porsche restarts, hitting several vehicles in its flight before finally coming to a stop.

Among the stamped cars are Dominiques. The police urge him to go to the police station to lodge a complaint. What he does. His vehicle is scrapped. That was eight years ago, and Dominique still hasn’t received a penny in compensation.

“I sent my gray card to my insurance company. They have all the official documents in hand, but they have never wanted to compensate me. I have just been fired, I am almost destitute. I have 7,500 euros lying on the street since 2014 for something I have nothing to do with,’ he explains.

So why isn’t Dominique compensated? His insurance company’s explanation might make you smile because it’s so implausible. L’olivier Assurances refuses to compensate our RMC auditor because he has no report. Making a statement with robbers who stole a car to rob a jewelry store is still not easy.

A commercial gesture on the part of the insurance company

The robbers were prosecuted and in 2015 ordered to pay the sum of 3,700 euros for the damages suffered by Dominique. But the robbers are insolvent. And our accountant is not eligible for the victim guarantee fund scheme. In short, his situation is intractable.

“RMC is committed to you” tried to help Dominique, which was not easy. Initially, the insurance company maintained that it was not up to him to pay, since a criminal conviction But we asked, and the law is unequivocal: in this specific case, it is up to the insurance company to compensate.

We therefore called L’olivier Assurances back, and after eight years of waiting, before the end of the week, Dominique will receive 1,600 euros in his bank account, which corresponds to the estimated price of his car, plus a commercial gesture. the insurance company.



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