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A caring soul takes care of a “stray” cat without suspecting that we had been on his trail for 18 months

Surviving alone in the wild for a year and a half is a real feat for an indoor cat. This is what happened to Calvin, who might not have been reunited with his family after his disappearance if he wasn’t identified.

A cat has returned to his family after a year and a half of wandering, where he was not used to venturing outside. A story told by United Press International.

Calvin and her brother were still little kittens then Richard Campbella retired professor knowsUniversity of Miami ofOxford in Ohio, adopted them in 2017. He took them in after saving them from getting stuck in a tree.

Calvin has always been an indoor cat. So when he escaped from the family home in April 2021, his owner was immediately concerned. The man tried everything to find him and after all tried not to lose hope.

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It is only recently that Calvin appeared again. Richard Campbell didn’t know it yet, but someone else is learningUniversity of Miami retired took care of the animal she had just seen around the wooded areas of the campus. Little did she know that this cat had a family and that its owner was a former colleague.

Picked up by a colleague

For 2 weeks, Susan Prochaska went to see the quadruped twice a day to give it water and food. As soon as he finished eating and drinking, he disappeared. However, they managed to seize the cat on 29 October. She was able to take him to the vet a few days later.

That’s how it was discovered that he was chipped. The vet called Richard Campbellwho were naturally surprised and moved by the news.

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Calvin had a pretty good time. He simply had to be treated for intestinal parasites and tick bites. He is gradually getting used to life at home.




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