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A cat gets annoyed to see his master in his favorite corner and causes a funny scene (video)

Aurora knows how to make herself understood by her owners, whether her intentions are good or bad. The menacing look she gave her human father as he settled down on the sofa made millions of TikTok users laugh a few days ago.

A beautiful gray cat with green eyes namednorthern Light recently went viral on social media, as reported yahoo. The reason ? The cold, terrifying look she gave her master, comfortably seated on the couch…

The feline had no intention of letting go

The man probably thought he could watch a movie quietly that evening, but that was without considering the intentions regardingnorthern Light. Her master has stolen her place, and she won’t be long in making him understand.

Illustration of the article: A cat gets annoyed to see his master in his favorite corner and causes a funny scene (video) / TikTok

For more than 30 minutes, the cat will land near him, on the ground, and will not take his eyes off him. His eyes won’t blink. His goal is to get this human out of the way as quickly as possible and take back his rightful place!

Video viewed over 3 million times

This situation caused many netizens to laugh on the site TikTok They were thousands to react to the video that illustrated her in her duel of looks (which she won, of course).

Welcome back to man slander cat tok #catsoftikt #cattok

? original sound – Cat deng

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I would take out a good life insurance policy if I were you » ; ” She’s plotting her revenge, that’s for sure » ; ” This man’s days are numbered “, we could read among the comments. Clearly, this hilarious scene tickled the public’s imagination strongly!

The master ofnorthern Lightqualified for ” naughty of many Internet users, will have to redeem himself with his hairball. Treats will not be enough and the man will probably have to decide to leave his place forever to the queen of the house…




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