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A cat has found an original way to play with its mistress (video)

Luna, a beautiful Siberian cat, has been living in Washington DC with her lover since 2020. This ball of hair is especially playful and loves to indulge her passion with her beloved mother. The latter wanted to share it on Instagram a few days ago…

Like many of his peers, Luna delights in playing with the smallest object that passes under his paw. She seems to have a certain fascination with hairbands (but she’s not the only one!), and she intends to tell her mistress so, as reported by First post.

Recently a video was published on instagram illustrates her in her great talents as a player of ” door hockey “(” door hockey “), and it was viewed by more than 625,000 Internet users. Everyone was absolutely captivated by its little legs sticking out of the door! Take effect, Luna indulges his passion only when his mistress is locked in the toilet…

“Luna won, of course!”

The little sportswoman with long hair has cracked many users of the social network since December 3. “ We better understand why teachers are late for work! », « Your cat is very intelligent », « Very competitive, Luna! “, we could read among the thousands of comments.

The cat never knows boredom, and neither does her mother. On the rest of their side instagramwe discover many other videos that illustrate their daily life, full of tender and warm moments.

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