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a decapitated dog discovered in the street, a call for witnesses launched by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation

The animal was discovered Friday morning on a sidewalk in Brunoy, half hidden in a garbage bag. The Animal Rights Foundation will file a complaint.

A decapitated dog was discovered this Friday morning on a sidewalk on rue d’Yerres in Brunoy, Essonne. The animal, whose head has not been found, was partly hidden by garbage bags.

On Facebook, a volunteer from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation shared the photos, and launched a call for witnesses. “We are looking for anyone with information on this dog with very few elements on our side (…), uncastrated male dog type Malinois”, she writes.

A complaint soon to be filed

“There was no blood on the spot. The dog also has no injuries that could suggest that his death was due to a road accident. With the elements together, we believe that the animal has been killed elsewhere and thrown here like trash”, explains the volunteer in the columns of the Parisian, stating that the Foundation intended to file a complaint. An autopsy has also been requested.

“This dog did not deserve to be cowardly decapitated, and left abandoned like common rubbish,” adds the volunteer on the social network.



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