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A dog adopted at the SPA, left hungry and dehydrated, a complaint filed

The situation lasted more than a year. A complaint has just been filed by the animal protection association Stéphane Lamart against a resident of Guigneville-sur-Essonne (Essonne) who allegedly left his dog to starve and dehydrate.

Oscar, a 3-year-old Drahtaar breed dog, was taken to the vet on Tuesday for a stomach upset, the association reports in its press release. The nurse operates on him urgently. Above all, the animal specialist is worried about Oscar’s condition. He is “cachetically thin, completely dehydrated, suffers from severe anemia and is hypothermic”.


His owner then assures the veterinarian that he “gives 90 grams of kibble a day” to Oscar. “Which is completely insufficient for a dog of this size,” writes the association. After its operation, the animal returns home with its owner.

11.5 kg against 23 when it was adopted

But the veterinarian does not intend to stop there and alerts animal defense associations. The Stéphane Lamart association then asked the public prosecutor of Évry for “suspicion of animal abuse”.

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The next day, the gendarmes come to Oscar’s to inquire about the situation. The Drahtaar, who was adopted at the SPA in February 2021, weighs 11.5 kg at the time, compared to the 23 he weighed when he was adopted. Oscar is taken care of and taken to the veterinarian who considers that his vital prognosis is engaged.

This behavior is “inadmissible”, gets carried away by the Stéphane Lamart association in its press release: “It is unthinkable to let your dog die slowly by not giving him food”



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