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A dog stolen 12 years ago surprises her family by reappearing

The owners of Missie, a dog stolen in 2011, never expected to see her again after so many years, but that’s what happened. The female Border Terrier had probably been used as a breeder by her captors.

Nearly 12 years after her disappearance, a dog has been found and returned to her family, reports say Subway.

mission is a Border Terrier female who was still a very young puppy when her ownerLiz Eldridge gave it to his son Oscar for his birthday. Shortly after joining his new family, the dog went missing in February 2011.

For his mistress, mission had most likely been stolen. She and her loved ones had been looking for her for years, both in The harp where they reside than in the surrounding municipalities in the county Hertfordshire, north of London. Unfortunately, the dog remained untraceable.

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To Liz Eldridge and those around her, to see their dog again after such a long period without the slightest news about her was utopian. Yet that is what has happened recently.

mission was found by a passer-by on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. She was then taken into the care of a local shelter, where her identification chip made it possible to trace her back to her owner. Puce, which was still in the name of the breeder where she was born.

Missie was used for breeding, chained and beaten

After this unexpected reunion with her family, the dog was examined by a veterinarian who found signs that she had been used to sire litters of puppies on several occasions.

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Moreover, it appears that mission has been ” kept chained and beatennoticed Liz Eldridge. She was very scared every time I took the leash on her “.

A week after returning home, the dog has relaxed and seems to be beginning to understand that she has nothing to fear anymore.




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