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A French Bulldog gives birth to a puppy with green coat to the surprise of its owner (video)

The birth of the puppies was exhausting for the mother as for her master. And in the event, the duo had a most amazing surprise. One of the babies came into the world light green and remains so despite attempts to clean his coat. However, there is an explanation for this phenomenon.

mark ruffin is the proud owner of a French Bulldog type dog. The latter was pregnant and had to undergo a caesarean section to give birth to her offspring under the best auspices. The pregnancy had indeed been a little complicated to bear for the mother in the making.

However, one night Mark was amazed to find that she had not waited for the scheduled date of the operation and that she had given birth to 2 adorable puppies on her own.

Her master therefore stayed by her side to support her, wondering if he should take her to the clinic urgently.

When a third child was stillborn, it was a shock. The man rushed in a hurry to his veterinarian who performed the cesarean section as soon as possible.

“I thought he was dirty”

The animal doctor helped the unfortunate woman give birth to the rest of her litter. And one of the puppies was green.

“When I first saw him, I thought he was dirty. This is what the doctor said, not really knowing the cause of this phenomenon »said Mark to Daily Star.

Once everyone was safe and back home, the master washed the green baby’s hair. But his coat remained hopelessly tinted.

“I cleaned it about 4 times that night and let mom lick it off too, but it didn’t go away”he specified.

After researching the Internet, he discovered that this manifestation was rare, but not unique.

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The coloring of the hair would come from the fact that the puppy was in contact during gestation with biliverdin, a natural pigment present in the bile resulting from the degradation of hemoglobin.

Mark finally got used to the idea of ​​having a green pooch he affectionately named Chloe.




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