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A great lawyer writes in the press: Henry Torres | RetroNews

But once is not custom: how many contemporary plays the theatrical critic will have approached, praised, exhausted during the years when he devoted himself with obvious pleasure to this journalistic genre! For example, he reports on a play by Armand Salacrou, Patchoulivery bad piece, infuriating at times and always boring “, of The crew by Joseph Kessel directed by Georges Delance; also quote Langrevin father and son by Tristan Bernard The Red dress by Eugene Brieux, This old scoundrel by Fernand Nozière, Too true to be beautifulby George Bernard Shaw directed by Rodolphe Darzens, Intermezzo by Jean Giraudoux to music by Francis Poulenc, Temporary freedom by Michel Duran.

No hierarchy guides him in his choices, and he browses from one author to another, seeming very early on to this journalistic genre, mixing when necessary analysis of the theatrical work, analysis of the staging and verdicts on acting; stopping at other times more specifically on this one when admiration carries a flood of the most laudatory words.

Writing on December 11, 1931 about the representation of Fanny of Marcel Pagnol, he praises with dithyramb the actors, including Harry Baur, ” powerful and bold actor » ; including Orane Demazis in the role of Fanny, who ” has further added to her role that she adorns with a deeper humanity. Intuitive accord of a great artist to the tone of a work which, freed from the moralizing intentions of its denouement, reaches, through the smile of the dialogue, the most beautiful and the most pathetic theater “.

On March 8, 1935, he hailed Maurice Rostand’s play, The Trial of Oscar Wildeyet usually prone […] to oversimplifications […] ” and that ” by a poet’s intuition, restored to us with scrupulous sobriety the atrocious drama experienced by his hero “. The actors are praised there, and the same Harry Baur brought to the pinnacle of his art:

“Mr. Harry Baur portrays an Oscar Wilde which will remain one of the most striking compositions of his glorious career. This very great artist achieves an almost miraculous certainty and economy of means.

Playing within, he nevertheless manages to express with poignant intensity and accuracy the slightest nuances of his character. Mr. Harry Baur truly creates each of his roles. It is constantly changing and renewing itself against so many stars who are prisoners of their success and slaves of their image. »




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