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a lawyer sentenced to a three-year ban

In 2021, his conviction by the Regional Disciplinary Council to three…

In 2021, his conviction by the Regional Disciplinary Council to a three-year ban on exercise (half of which is firm) had not been made public. But “Sud Ouest” learned that the Bordeaux Court of Appeal confirmed this decision on Friday. Added to this is a ban on sitting on ordinal bodies for ten years.

This was the disciplinary part of a case started on the criminal level. Me Bénichou, who benefits from the presumption of innocence, is being prosecuted for the offenses of attempted fraud and forgery, to the detriment of a client. The victim is the former manager of the Marbot bookstore, in Périgueux, Michelle Géraud (who did not wish to speak). It is alleged that M.e Bénichou of having tried to extract from a bank account specific to lawyers a relatively large amount (about ten thousand euros, according to our information) intended for his client. Insofar as it is the account of the Independent Fund for Pecuniary Settlements of Lawyers (Carpa 24), the Bar Association has instituted civil proceedings. The President, Mr.e Arnaud Le Guay, did not respond to our requests.

Already condemned

“There is no desire to defraud because my client was wrongly convinced that these sums were due to him”, explains Me Jean Gonthier, counsel for the defendant. He announces that he will appeal in cassation. “There are questions of pure law in these proceedings on which I believe my client’s rights have been disregarded. »

As the appeal is not suspensive, the cabinet of Me Bénichou in Périgueux will be entrusted, in his absence, to an administrator chosen by the Bar Association.



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