Home Dogs A shy and reserved kitten becomes the biggest douchebag in the house

A shy and reserved kitten becomes the biggest douchebag in the house

A shy and reserved kitten becomes the biggest douchebag in the house

In Indianapolis, USA, a new recruit arrives at the IndyHumane shelter. She is integrated into a care home and will be very afraid and reluctant. But the kitten’s true personality will soon re-emerge.


At the end of 2021, the refuge IndyHumane picking up a ginger cat. lovemeow says that the latter was immediately placed at jessicathe organization’s volunteer foster family, who immediately volunteered to take him in.

jessica presents the kitten, which she names butter ballon his account instagram : Butterball is a little shy and growls […] He is super playful and loves his new toy; though those who make noise frighten him. He gets nervous and hides when there are unfamiliar sounds, but his confidence will soon grow “.

The shy one hid under the comfortable and comforting blankets that his host had installed for him, but he very quickly showed signs of affection for him: He is already very comfortable with me when I caress him and carry him. He even purred at me a few times » writing jessica.

A pleasant kitten

jessica was sure of it butter ball needed to feel confident quickly, and she had seen it right: the next day, the young cat showed its dynamic personality!

After liking hugs and good food, the kitten does not hesitate to vocalize to receive what it wants!

He has as many opinions as he has teeth » declared jessica with humor.

And even when he doesn’t need anything, butter ball think it deserves a minimum of attention: he enjoys dramatically yelling at his adoptive mother for no reason and repeating » said jessica.

A very social kitten

The foster family believes their little survivor was living wild outside with her mother. However, he proved to be very outgoing and loving towards others.

Once his health issues were resolved, he was able to meet the other four-legged residents of the house and quickly made friends with whom he learned to interact.

Just before the Christmas holidays, butter ball was adopted and joined his permanent family! Since good news never comes alone, to the delight of internet users, the cat now has its own account instagram … And he is still so talkative!


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