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A woman offers hospitality to a pregnant cat, she gives birth to her cub 24 hours later (video)

Did Bella know she was in good hands when she arrived at Damaris? By giving birth to her 5 kittens a few hours later, it’s a safe bet that yes. The rescue of this fur ball was done at the right time and offered him the best possible environment to raise his protected little ones.

Two months ago, a chubby cat wandered into a store in New York. A passerby, Damaristhought it was a male at first – but on closer inspection she realized it was a female, probably pregnant, as reported lovemeow.

That’s when she called Alyssafoster mother for cats within the association Puppy Kitty NY City. Unfortunately, it could not accommodate him yet. So she stayed with Damaris for a couple of days.

A soft and grateful ball of fur

Illustration of the article: A woman offers hospitality to a pregnant cat, she gives birth to her young 24 hours later (video)

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The cat, fame bella, was immediately devoted to his benefactor. She was happy to finally be able to enjoy a warm and comfortable place and no longer have to worry about seeking shelter on the street.

Next morning, Damaris was about to say hello to his new roommate, hidden under his daughter’s bed. But to her surprise, she wasn’t alone…

Bella gave birth to her 5 kittens overnight

Quietly, the mother cat had given birth the night before, without anyone noticing. Damaris didn’t expect it to happen so quickly!

The Good Samaritan has no experience with very young kittens, but she learned on the job by researching useful information on the Internet. Damaris was a big help too bella, who had perhaps finally waited to be sure to give birth to her little protégés. A timely rescue!

Everyone can (re)start on a good foundation

A few days later, the family of 6 cats arrived at Alyssa. She remained on duty 24 hours a day to ensure the well-being of the mother and her little ones. bella took her new role very seriously, but she also knew how to trust Alyssa and get some rest.

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All these kittens will be offered for adoption when they are 2 months old. bella no need to worry about it: it has already caught the eye Damariswho plans to welcome her home as soon as she can!




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