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A World Dog Day at the office to establish a new trend in business

Dubbed “Take your dog to work day”, literally “The day to take your dog to work”, it aims to encourage employees and business leaders to be more open to this practice, the beneficial effects of which are numerous.

Did you come across a Chihuahua or a Labrador in the hallways of your company this Friday? No wonder, this June 24 is indeed the occasion to celebrate the day of dogs at work, a holiday straight from the United States. Baptized “Take Your Dog To Work Day“, literally “The day to take your dog to work», it aims to encourage employees, but above all business leaders, to be more open to this practice, the beneficial effects of which are numerous.

The proportion of companies that accept dogs in the workplace is difficult to quantify, although it remains lower. Many employers are indeed reluctant to accept them, for several reasons. Although there is no law prohibiting the presence of a pet at work, several barriers related to the health and safety of employees are essential and prevent them from coming to the office.

A day to try

According to the barometer of the Centrale Canine published in April, 39% of French people would like dogs to be more accepted in business, a figure which rises to 53% among those who own one. The virtues that their presence provides have indeed been the subject of several studies, unanimous on the subject: reduction of stress, stimulation of productivity, better balance between professional and private life… Magali Gavaret, director of communication and CSR at Purina France, runs the Pet at works program, aimed at encouraging and uniting companies around the reception of dogs in the office. “The presence of dogs brings only positive. After a difficult period linked to the Covid, they are a vector of bond between the teams“, she assures. This day is therefore an opportunity for companies that are still skeptical to test this practice by uniting their teams around the cause.

During this special day, and more generally if a company were to accept the presence of dogs, a framework must be defined. He must determine the areas in which the dog has the right to go. “The establishment of a welcome charter that marks out the different places of passage and frequentation is of course essential.», Details Magali Gavaret. No canteen, for example, for obvious reasons of hygiene, careful verification of the animal’s vaccination record, signing of a liability waiver… It is also essential to consult your work colleagues beforehand to ensure ensure that they have no reluctance at the idea of ​​being accompanied by a dog. But for Magali Gavaret, this welcoming charter is the key to a “harmonious collaboration» which allows cohabitation even with employees who are less comfortable with dogs. “We just want to show that it’s simple to set up, in any type of business“, she concludes.




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