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according to the suspect’s lawyer, the trail of organ trafficking was “never considered”

Me Alexandre Silva deplores baseless “rumors”. The motive for the murder of the young girl remains undetermined, but the investigation continues.

A thesis once again dismissed. The lawyer for the main suspect in the murder of Lola, 12, reaffirmed on Monday on the BFMTV set that the track of a mobile linked to “organ trafficking” had “never been considered”, by investigators.

“This organ trafficking has never been considered in any way whatsoever, by anyone,” he assured on our set.

“The Public Ministry and the Defense share the same vision and are concerned to put an end to these rumours,” he added.

The suspect was indicted and remanded in custody for the murder of a minor under the age of 15 and rape committed with acts of torture and barbarity.

Motive to be determined

Shortly after Lola disappeared, the main suspect asked a passerby for help to carry her trunk. Questioned by the individual, she said she had things to sell and mentioned a kidney, according to information from BFMTV. This element could have suggested a possible organ trafficking for a time, but the track was dismissed by the investigators, we learned on Monday.

A little earlier on Monday, the lawyer for the main suspect had already declared to the press that “organ trafficking is not a subject and is not part of the debates”.

The motive for the murder remains undetermined, while the main suspect spoke of a dispute with the mother of the girl killed for a story of an entry badge to a building.



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