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Affiliate car insurance on the “Pay How You Drive” model reduces claims | Insurance

A notable decrease in the frequency of at-fault or partial-fault accidents among drivers insured under the “Pay How You Drive” model

Many traffic accidents are related to non-observance of simple driving rules by some road users.

Road safety responds to human and social issues, but also economic ones.

The total costs of road uncertainty in 2021 have been estimated between 38 and 58 billion euros (National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory).

L’connected car insurancewhich is based on the “Pay How You Drive” model, rewards Good behavior.

The driver can make real savings on the cost of their monthly car insurance.

This typeliability insurance bears fruit in terms of accidentology and paves the way for a more mature form of responsibility for road behaviour.

Initial results analyzing the difference between claims made by drivers with young licenses or no driving history who took out a standard car insurance quote and those who opted for YouDrive insurance from Direct Assurance reveal that claims are 15 to 20% lower among drivers who subscribe to YouDrive on the “Pay How You Drive” model.

That decrease in the frequency of responsible or partially responsible accidents among YouDrive drivers is remarkable.

Drivers with inexperienced profiles often face a high insurance premium. Car insurance based on the “Pay How You Drive” model succeeds in lowering claims while reducing the price of the insurance premium: YouDrive allows 92% of policyholders to save money on their monthly payments (up to 50%) each year.

The Cambridge Mobile Telematics Institute measured that 53% of drivers participating in connected insurance programs showed significant improvements in their driving within the first six weeks as well as after using the program (57% reduction in hard braking, 48% reduction in distracted driving , 38% reduction in speeding, 33% reduction in dangerous behaviour).

A UK study by Lexis Nexis has shown that drivers who subscribe to an insurance program based on the “Pay How You Drive” model reduce their risk of a fatal accident by 50%.

Instead of sanctioning and punishing the young driver, the “Pay How You Drive” model encourages the young driver to change their driving behaviour.

The “Pay How You Drive” model is perfectly adopted across the Atlantic and in Asia, whereas it is not very developed in France. French policyholders have reservations about the complexity associated with the use of this technology and the collection and use of their data.

Thanks to fun applications and increasingly simplified and intuitive technical solutions, technology is no longer a real obstacle.

In a context where the car is experiencing an increase in on-board technology with the obligation for vehicles to be equipped with black boxes, the trend towards accessibility should evolve.

“This fear can and must be lifted today! The collected driving data is strictly regulated by the CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties), and the obligations of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) apply to connected vehicles. » says Henry de Courtois, CEO of Direct Assurance.

Source: Direct insurance

Image by Benjamin Thomas from Pixabay



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