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After 3 years of worrying about her missing dog, she receives a call that petrifies her

After 3 years of getting inked up

This story reminds us to never lose hope.

When our animal disappears, it is something from which it is difficult to recover. We keep looking for him for months and months, until the years finally pass and we lose hope… Never knowing what happened to our dearest companion.

The miracle occurs three years later

Fortunately, sometimes real miracles happen. Venes Mosier had the incredible luck to find his dog who had been missing for 3 years.

In 2017, shortly before Christmas, she returned from a hospital stay when she discovered that her house had been burglarized. The burglars had gutted her entire house, leaving her only the sofa and some kitchen utensils.

Worst of all, they also stole his 3 dogs.

One of his dogs was found in Illinois a year later, but the other two never came home. Venes had finally given up hope.

One call changes everything

Cass County Animal Control recently called Venes to say they had found her dog, Callie, in Michigan.

The teacher was in shock. After all these years, she could hardly believe it was true. But thanks to her identification chip, the members of the shelter were able to identify the dog’s mistress.

The director of the shelter indicated that he had been working for 25 years and that this was the first time he had seen this.

No one can know what Callie has been up to all these years and how she ended up in Michigan, but it seems someone took care of her because she was fine when they found her.

Everyone was looking forward to seeing Callie reunite with her mistress. A group of volunteers even offered to take Calie to her home in Kentucky, completely free of charge!

Her mistress is very grateful for all these attentions which allowed Callie to find her home.

After all these difficulties, Venes has finally found two of his dogs in full health and we wish them a lot of happiness from now on!

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