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After reuniting in Toulon, Anthony and his dog Milky are once again inseparable

They watch over each other. There at home in Solliès-Pont. Literally inseparable for six years, Milky and her master Anthony have finally found each other after being separated from each other for seventeen days. A long period of suffering, “especially for my dog ​​who has been through a real ordeal”.

Since that night on December 18, when the frightened young Australian shepherd, frightened by fireworks, crossed the beagle, broke the collar and fled to the port of Toulon before crossing the front door of the arsenal. Since this disappearance, Anthony has moved heaven and earth to be allowed into the naval base’s secure enclosure to find his four-legged friend.

Thanks to the intervention of a lawyer specializing in animal rights, but also due to the decision of the commander of the naval base, he saw his dearest wish come true on January 4: to see Milky again.

At the end of the day, the animal was discovered safe and sound, near Malbousquet, “after only five minutes of searching by car”. Anthony says: “I whistled in the direction of the arsenal. I climbed a hill, escorted by a soldier… When I called him, I heard a small bark of last breath. Milky was stuck in a ditch about fifteen meters. It was impossible for him to get up. He was deprived of food and water. He is a miracle. He would not have spent another night. He beats him, not me “, testifies this carpenter, moved, recalling the powerful moments he experienced during the reunion with his young, thin companion.

“I knew that he and I had to meet again, to return to sanity. He ate his first meal and drank a lot of water. He is resting. As he is used to looking after me, I watch over him.. . As I was able to keep an eye on him from a distance for these 17 days.”he said.

Tired after another sleepless night, calm this time, Anthony is happy to find complicity with his friend. He already remembers saving Milky from euthanasia at the age of three months. Thanks to an outpouring of solidarity, since Wednesday he has taken time to thank all those – including soldiers – who have supported him and “allowed a moment to move on”. “Milky is a small being and he had to be regarded as such”, said his master, “without wanting to blame anyone”now will “Turn the page”.




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