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‘All that for fries’: the manager of a Beauraing snack bar who was the victim of a headbutt for an order mistake

It all started with a simple command error. “We had ordered for a hundred euros”, says the defendant. “After 1.5 hours of waiting, we were delivered. But many products were missing and the food was cold”. Accompanied by two members of his family, the man decides to go there to demand a refund or a commercial gesture. But given the time (11:30 p.m.) he finds the door closed. “We knocked on the shutter. The alarm went off. In order not to go like thugs, we waited on the spot.”

The manager, who does not live there, is warned about the intrusion into his business. He goes to the place and notices the presence of the three people. After an initial contact, he decides to take refuge in his car and call the police.

Then the versions differ. The manager leaves his vehicle when his five-months-pregnant wife arrives, and the manager receives a whimper, seemingly for no reason.

On the side of the defendant and the defense, it is clarified that the manager first tore up the receipt, and then “four beefy guys”, part of the restaurateur’s family, arrived. Faced with the threat, he would have had no choice but to give this whim to the manager of the snack bar advancing towards him. The acquittal takes place on the basis of an emergency guardian.

“Anything for fries”

This headbutt had important consequences for the victim. “He suffered a broken nose and was unable to work for 15 days. He later realized that this head impact had dislocated two vertebrae and suffered another month and a half of incapacity. The wives of these three people have also tarnished the reputation of the snack on social networks. Clients abandoned him and my client eventually admitted bankruptcy. Everything for fritters”, specifies the civil party in conclusion. Judgment on 10 January.



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