Home Insurance Alptis, a unique associative model in whole life insurance

Alptis, a unique associative model in whole life insurance

Alptis, a unique associative model in whole life insurance

3 questions for Céline Merlette, marketing manager for the individual market, Alptis Prévoyance & Santé.

Can you introduce us to Alptis?

We offer a unique associative model in the world of social protection and insurance. The Alptis association was created in 1976 in Lyon by independent workers who wanted to find insurance solutions adapted to their needs, at the right price.

At Alptis, members have always been the core of the system. Our aim is to support and protect them by providing them with the highest possible level of satisfaction with high-performance guarantees and first-class services, whether for supplementary health insurance, life insurance or as a borrower. .

Our financial model is independent and balanced, we make sure to achieve the best ratio between quality and price for our members from our partner insurance companies. We rely on our original values ​​of responsibility and solidarity, with a strong conviction that is part of our DNA: we do not speculate on health.

And last significant point, our associative dimension means that we have no shareholders to remunerate, allowing us to reinvest all our profits in the constant improvement of our services.

Do you offer offers adapted to the needs of seniors?

Yes, of course seniors are one of our privileged audiences. In collaboration with Alptis Senior Association, which is dedicated to those in the group, we offer them a wide range of personal insurance solutions, adapted to their needs and their budget.

If I had any advice to give to a senior looking for coverage that perfectly matches their expectations, I would ask them to contact a local advisory broker among Alpti’s partners (there are nearly 8,000 that are part of our distribution network ). It is actually the best way to benefit from 100% personal advice, and therefore choose the cover adapted to your needs, and at the optimal price.

For example, what are the strengths of one of your offers for seniors, Santé Select?

Santé Select is truly an offer that we have designed with seniors in mind. First, we offer them a very large modularity: on 8 different items, this guarantee allows everyone to put together their cover according to their needs and their budget, and nothing more.

So, by choosing Santé Select, you benefit from all the specific Alptis services: legal protection, third-party payment, unlimited medical teleconsultation, access to all information about your contract and refunds in the membership area. …

Finally, the latest of the Alptis innovations included in Santé Select, we offer 100% customized health care with service packages that allow you to choose the services you want to benefit from depending on your situation: home care, home furnishing, care of children and animals, etc. And a significant advantage, Alptis makes it possible to transfer up to 50% of the budget for services in the event of hospitalization, to a person who is not insured under the contract.

To conclude, at Alptis our members are truly placed at the center of all attention, and this is also well reflected in our raison d’être: “We are committed to acting together to support and protect the different life courses. »

To find out more about Alptis’ complementary health services for seniors: https://www.alptis.org/complementaire-sante/complementaire-sante-senior/


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