Home Loans Amandine Pellissard condemns the scriptwriting of large families

Amandine Pellissard condemns the scriptwriting of large families

Amandine Pellissard condemns the scriptwriting of large families

After five seasons under their belt, the Pellissard clan is calling it quits Large families: life in XXL. While at the show At Jordan, Amandine Pellissard did not hesitate to return to the staging established by the production.

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Discovery in Large families: life in XXL, Amandine Pellissard has seen all the colors. In addition to receiving death threats, the young woman and her loved ones have not always had only fond, rosy memories of the show. stop, mother of eight children and her husband Alexandre have decided to give up the show and take the production to court.

Scripted sequences

Enough is enough ! Although docu-reality signed TF1 has brought her visibility, Amandine Pelissard no longer wants to put her children in danger. Besides the critics, the filming conditions were not always perfect when everything was fine in the beginning. During his time on the set of At Jordan, the influencer talked about the development of the program for her and her family. “I think this show was legitimate for our family for two seasons in terms of content. From season 3 we felt some kind of shift. We felt the success of this show in the production’s speeches. Season 3, it’s true that we came with ready-made sequencers”, she told Jordan De Luxe.

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A forced lie

Amandine Pellissard recently confessed that the spin-off of Pellissard in Saint-Tropez was the worst shot of his life. It was because of this that she and her husband decided to say “stop”. But before that there were scenes that bothered her, like the one with a food processor. “You have to fill out the show, which is why there are more and more families from season to season. […] We had an archi fake sequence from start to finish with a pressure cooker. You had to pretend I only had one when I already had two. I had to hide the other one. I had to cook with one and say it’s not big enough. In conjunction with a supermarket, I had to pretend to buy another one until the checkout”, said Jeremstar’s friend. For her, “finished sequences are not possible”. A fatal ras-le-bol therefore.

Article written in collaboration with 6medias.

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