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An association for the rescue of 4 kittens left on a play area in the sun

In the Nordics, an animal protection association partner in the 30 Million Friends Foundation took care of 4 kittens a few weeks old. The latter had been discovered alone, probably abandoned, in a playground.

After discovering 4 kittens in distress at a playground in Ferriere-la-Grande (59), the municipality’s technical services informed the local animal protection association, Val de Sambre arch.

The little cats are not more than one month old “, indicated Christian M., member of this partner organization of 30 Million Friends Foundation. ” The abandonment of kittens, it does not stop… “, he also regretted after this rescue reported by the foundation on its website.

Illustration of the article: An association for the rescue of 4 kittens left on a playground in full sun
Val De Sambre Arch / Facebook

The young felines were completely on their own, without the possibility of shelter from the sun and heat. Everything led to believe that they had been abandoned by someone and not by their mother.

Only positive point, their state of health seemed good after all. The kittens were also lucky to be found in time to be rescued. Held by Val de Sambre arch takes care of them until they reach the age to be weaned and are sufficiently independent.

The association will ensure that the 4 four-legged are ” entrusted to loving masters “.

A complaint filed

For his part 30 Million Friends Foundation emphasizes the importance of sterilization and identification of cats. She reminds us that it only takes a couple to give rise to more than 20,000 animals in 4 years.

She is a civil party in the file of the 4 kittens rescued on the playground by Ferriere-la-Grandea complaint has been filed.



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