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An entire village received the “Nini” bonus, a really nice Christmas present

Before she died, a widow bequeathed her entire life insurance policy to the town hall of her village. A really nice Christmas present.

After the Macron bonus, here is the Nini bonus! Behind this funny name hides a great wave of solidarity. In Plans, a small village in Hérault, home to 320 people, the inhabitants got a very pleasant surprise as the Christmas holidays approached. As reported Midi-free then report RTLthe villagers received money from the town hall, which itself received a large sum from a deceased resident.

Before leaving, Henriette Fieu, known as “Nini”, who died at the age of 97 in November 2021, wanted to pay her entire life insurance to the town hall of her village, that is 40,000 euros! A very nice gesture that soothed the heart of Planois!

As a widow, she bequeaths her life insurance to an entire village

“Last spring we received a letter telling us that this childless widow sent us her life insurance of 40,000 euros. We said to ourselves that there is indeed the Macron bonus, so why not pay a Nini bonus in this context of inflation and skyrocketing energy costs? »toldAFP the mayor of Plans, Daniel Fabre.

A total of 159 vouchers of 100 euros were distributed in the mailboxes of the inhabitants of Plans, near Lodève. The good ones are “can only be consumed in the nearest supermarket”detailed the mayor, who received phone calls from happy residents. “It’s a pleasant surprise on the eve of the holidays”added the one who is an aedile but also a farmer.

The entire donation was not used. The city council is considering what to do with the remaining money. Certainly renovations of the town hall, we read. And to never forget this generous donor’s gesture, a plaque will be placed on Henriette Fieu’s gravestone.



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