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Analysis of the Good Value for Money of the CAP de Prévoyance Madelin contract offered by AGIPI Association, partner of AXA France

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The hood (Assistance and Provident Agreement) is it Madelin pension contract with reference from the AGIPI association partner in AXA France. Present on the market for a long time, CAP is characterized :

  • at a high degree of configuration of the various guarantees by AXA’s general agent in response to each customer’s specific needs,
  • over there option to go to high coverage levelsespecially with regard to unemployment benefits, noting that this is one of the guarantees for which the competition quite quickly reaches a ceiling in terms of the amount of coverage (EUR 300 per day or even EUR 600 for certain professions),
  • by his integration with the other two components of AGIPI’s offer for self-employed persons, namely:
    • that complementary health Madelin,
    • that individual retirement savings FAR PR in continuation of the previous FAR Retraite Madelin.

CAP is one one-time contract for compensation:

  • of guarantees in case of incapacity:
    • Compensation for loss of income,
    • Supplement to the business scheme,
  • and guarantees in case of disabilitywith the additional option for the member to choose cover in the event of disability calculated solely according to a professional criterion (which is relevant, for example, to a surgeon who loses the ability to operate after an accident resulting in the loss of dexterity of a hand) .

In terms of medical choicecan subscription to CAP be carried out with a simple declaration of state of health :

  • for members under the age of 50,
  • subject to a guaranteed death benefit of less than €350,000.

In addition to the three usual basic guarantees of a Madelin life insurance policy, namely Death PTIA, Disability and Incapacity, CAP offers a wide range of optional guarantees :

  • -one professional expense reimbursement guarantee to cover part of the fixed costs for the TNS structure during work stoppages,
  • -one guarantee of doubling the death benefit in case of accidental death,
  • -one spousal pension in case of death:
    • either for life,
    • be limited to his 65th birthday,
    • possibly reduced by 50% from his 65th birthday,
  • payment of a education pension to the children mentioned in the contract,
  • payment of a capital in case of discovery of serious illness,
  • -one guarantee in case of loss of autonomy (dependency risk).

Finally, let us note in the tariff plan that the joint subscription to CAP and the Madelin health contract by AGIPI enabling TNS to benefit from a lifetime reduction of – 10%. While some competitors also have this type of practice, it is usually limited in time or diminishing as the length of the contract progresses, which is not the case with the CAP.

The main benefits of CAP Prévoyance Madelin

  • Possibility to build “tailor-made” social protection thanks to the multitude of guarantees offered, the range of deductibles available to the member and the ability to adjust the slider very widely in terms of coverage levels.
  • Absence of interdependence in insurance guaranteeswhich is found in certain competition contracts which impose minimum or maximum coverage for such or such warranty according to what is written elsewhere.
  • Very high readability of the presentation support of the guarantees given to the healthcare staff by subscribing to the CAPwhether it is about explaining the guarantees taken out (coverage, excess, ceiling, etc.) or in the form of changes in the rate over time (this is clearly explained over time until the insured reaches the age of 75, however with the proviso that the guarantees not be changed before then).
  • Contract that benefits from a competitive price positioningnot only in the medical and paramedical professions, but now also in a large number of other professions, including the liberal professions, independent business managers and consultants.
  • Option for TNS to lower the applicable deductible when reporting sick (disability):
    • on 7 days in case of illness or accident,
    • on 0 days upon admissionincluding for day surgery, provided that the duration of the work stoppage exceeds 7 consecutive days.

The main disadvantages of CAP Prévoyance Madelin

  • Missing optional handicap table enables the medical and paramedical professions to be covered by 15% disability (instead of 33%) if they wish.
  • CAP medical choice more demanding than market practice from €350,000 in covered death benefit. However, you must be aware that a strict medical selection is a prerequisite for a competitive rate positioning of the contract.
  • Absence of optional franchise offer reduced to 0 days for work stoppage cover in the event of an accident.

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