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Animals: cats that eat organic, what should we think?

The French are crazy about animals and for years the cat has been vying with the dog for first place as the best pet.Advertisements

For their little four-legged companion, the owners are capable of madness, including when it comes to their food. Some masters even buy organic food for their cat. Is it really a good idea?

It is a responsible and ethical choice:

  • These values ​​speak to many French people who have themselves gone organic for their food. Why not their cat?
  • Organic cat food is good for the environment, unlike conventional food.

It is less harmful to health:

  • When we study a little the traditional diet of cats; whether it’s pâté, croquettes or meatballs in sauce; it is clear that it contains pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, not to mention GMOs, which will not be the case organic food that does not incorporate artificial flavors, preservatives or colorings.
  • The results are seen after only 3 weeks, at the level of the coat that becomes shinier. The feline digests betteris less subject is allergies and seems more energetic because its immune defenses are strengthened.


It is a complete diet that meets standards

  • Cats are used to splitting their meals throughout the day. However, it may also be a sign that the foods they usually eat do not satisfy them enough!
  • The organic cat food is more completeit allows you to quickly satisfy the cat.
  • The manufacturing process is governed by strict standardsespecially for preserve nutritional intake elements that make up food (meat, vegetables, starches, etc.).


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