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Animals. The last journey of Rex, the martyr dog with millions of views on social networks

Sad epilogue for Rex, the martyr dog collected by the Strasbourg SPA, who only benefited from a short retirement of a few months with a Moselle family. The Facebook page Mes chouchous de la SPA announced the dark news: “REX, the sweetie with millions of views on Facebook, died this morning, the first day of summer 2022. His health has suddenly deteriorated. Saturday evening despite his monthly visit to the vet the day before and the emergency intervention of a veterinarian at home on Monday afternoon”.

He spent his old age in Philippsburg

This German shepherd had been rescued in January 2021 by the SPA after having spent eight years locked up in a small shed in a town in the south of Bas-Rhin, forced to sleep on his excrement. Reported by local residents, the suspicions of mistreatment of the dog had been confirmed by an employee of the SPA who had discovered the animal. The unfortunate loulou had then been taken in by the animal shelter after his masters had agreed to sign the abandonment papers. A delicate repatriation operation had taken place; the fearful dog must have been put to sleep with a hypodermic gun.

The story relayed on social networks had gone around the planet, generating tens of thousands of comments, shares and likes. Proposals for adoption had arrived from the United States, England and all over France. REX’s photo album had reached two million views on Facebook in 2021.

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The very affected host family

Despite his difficult past, Rex had no behavioral problems. “We had the opportunity to give him the life path he deserves. We did not hesitate, it was out of the question that he still stays at the refuge, ”said DNA Jean-Luc Dreux and his wife, his new masters. “In the morning, I wake up around 7 a.m., I put myself on the edge of the bed and the first cuddling session begins. […] He missed it for years, he is happy to go out and be with someone. When we know what he suffered, the poor, we are super happy to see him like that. »

Unfortunately, this happiness was short-lived: “His masters watched over him day and night during this heat wave. Rex breathed his last early this morning. The family is devastated and inconsolable, ”continues in a text of tribute the page Mes chouchous de la SPA. “He will leave a great void within the family and the volunteers who followed him closely. This nice “Little Angel” was really not born under a lucky star! Rest in peace. »

Very affected, the Dreux family could not be reached on Wednesday. The president of the SPA of Strasbourg Marie Amalfitano however confirmed the information, indicating that two volunteers had visited the adopters.



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