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Aon France: prospects for double-digit growth!

The broker announces double-digit growth over the first nine months of the current year.

At the end of the first nine months of the year, the broker in France registered a growth in its turnover of more than 11% and confirmed its ambition to continue on the momentum of 2021 with an annual expansion of its income to double digits in 2022. A momentum driven by all segments, especially travel insurance, liability guarantee insurance and major casualty and casualty risks, which perform better in their market.

Given this favorable environment, Aon France employees will once again fully benefit from profit sharing and profit sharing agreements; this maximum of what the law authorizes, i.e. what corresponds to 3 months’ salary on average. The company’s main asset, Aon France, intends to continue investing in human capital by allocating 20% ​​of its margin to profit sharing, participation and bonuses.

The Aon employee engagement survey, conducted in September in all the group’s countries, also reveals a rate of 88% for France, highlighting the general well-being at work in the French subsidiary.

In addition to the emphasis placed on employee training (more than 7,800 hours delivered in 2022), on CSR awareness actions – such as the climate school, diversity and inclusion and through days dedicated to quality of life at work – human capital is also enriched by greater gender equality, which illustrated by the composition of France’s Executive Committee, which now consists of 7 men and 6 women. Aon France’s equality index is 93/100; the highest on the insurance market.

Investments also relate to the French subsidiary’s tools and support for its customers in their digital journey. This year, the group will invest 100 million euros in this direction in agile solutions, including 15 million dedicated to France.

Since the beginning of the year, 126 new employees have arrived on permanent contracts and Aon France continues to recruit to strengthen all its teams to support the growth dynamic.

Commenting on these results, Laurent Belhout, CEO Aon France/Belgium/Luxembourg/Morocco, says: ” At Aon, the women and men who work here are our greatest asset. The actions carried out for 13 years allow us to have the best talents in all areas of the company. Our strong global dynamism allows everyone to flourish, grow and benefit every year from the profit sharing and participation that our results allow us to offer employees. More broadly within the Aon Group, France is one of the countries that contributes the most to the EMEA region’s performance, both financially and in terms of engagement, diversity and inclusion. We have thus won the group’s trust and support to continue to develop France both through organic and external growth.»



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