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APICIL EPARGNE positions itself in a world of open insurance

Since 2012, SQLI has supported APICIL Epargne in their digitization challenges, around the construction of a platform dedicated to the marketing, distribution and management of insurance products.

An innovative distribution model for a unique digital experience

With her new marketplace, APICIL Epargne is part of the Open Insurance movement. The insurance company has opened its ecosystem (services, data, infrastructure) to its customers and partners. They can now connect from any device connected to APICIL Epargne and the APIs perform online actions on your own (launch simulations, open subscriptions to customized services, sign and manage contracts).

This system facilitates and accelerates the establishment of new partnershipsmakes it possible to create innovative services and break free from the traditional insurance distribution model.

Available for the largest number, APICIL Epargne’s à la carte offer covers every player’s needs (B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C) and guarantees a personal, optimized and secure experience. Subscriptions to insurance services have multiplied by 9 since 2018, while the processing of full digital files has increased from 15% to 70% in two years.

Ahead of its market, APICIL Epargne is now positioned as an actor capable of integrating new partners with a reduced time-to-market and no digital disruptionthanks to an automated process from entry to validation: 95% of arbitration proceedings are processed without human intervention.

A 10-year partnership between APICIL Epargne and SQLI

In 2012, SQLI participated in the creation of the digital platform dedicated to APICIL savings solutions. Since then, SQLI has supported the insurer on this application base, which has become its main showcase. To date, a system of around thirty SQLI employees is integrated into the APICIL Epargne teams. It includes a management part and an operational part that stands for development, testing and technical expertise.

The SQLI system guarantees that APICIL Epargne has a flexible, stable and cutting-edge platform that adapts to the needs of each of its partners and gives them access to all the services. The unit works in Agile mode and addresses different aspects:

  • Modeling and development of APIs to enable the opening of the APICIL Epargne ecosystem and connection to services;
  • Improving the user experience with the implementation of new frameworks (ReactJS) for a richer and more user-friendly interface that facilitates navigation;
  • The enrichment of the marketplace with the development of new bricks as well as the addition and continuous improvement of functionalities;
  • Participation in the redesign of the application base with the implementation of a microservice architecture and progressive migration of functionalities.


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