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Associations are multiplying: these Varois mobilizing to care for cats

A haven to protect and socialize out of sight

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, not far from Dragon City, there is a haven of peace for cats. A sanctuary was recently set up by Amis des chats de Draguignan with the aim of creating an oasis for certain felines so that they can eventually be adopted.

Behind the vegetation, only the fences leave a clue. Once through the gate, a first hut takes shape. “This is where we keep the food, blankets and documents necessary to monitor every cat we take in,” says Alain Mangeard.

23,000 euros injected

“In total, the association has put 23,000 euros on the table to create this structure.” This is organized in three rooms, the first part of approximately 600 m², with the first cabin, then you have to go through an airlock in the middle, which gives access to two other rooms.

“On the one on the left we will install very discreet houses with all the cats socialized, looked after and ready to be adopted”, projects Alain Mangeard. On the right, over an area of ​​750 m², this is where the magic happens between a dozen cats and an equal number of volunteers each day depending on their availability.

On site, they are busy preparing a bowl of pâté per cat. The latter approaches curiously and feels the time and the smell of the party coming. Some are impatient and go straight to the table to beg for their dish. Among the volunteers is Monique. “It’s super nice to be able to participate in the association, it helps the cats and it gives us peace and comfort in the shelter’s natural setting”she explains. “The park has two huts built by Alain, in which the animals can sleep”explains Audrey Schlauberg. “Then there’s the chicken coop.”

A lonely cabin

A hut isolated from the rest of the cats, in which the cats that have not yet been socialized are placed. That day, Plum and Autumn occupy it. “These are two sisters that we recovered after the death of their master”explains Caroline, who is a volunteer. “If Autumn is doing really well, it’s more difficult for Prune, who is having a hard time with the situation, and is completely exhausted, doesn’t want contact and barely eats.”

Because, for cats, the relationship with the master is fused. “If a cat loses its owner, depression is guaranteed and the animal lets itself die”, explains Alan. The last resident of the chicken coop was Siam (bottom left). He recently joined the other cats but is still very scared.

In total, this refugium has already saved around twenty cats out of the 350 felines cared for by the association.




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