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At the Summit of the Americas, bags of pro-USA goodies contained objects made in China

The two intruders: sunglasses and a water bottle. | Patrick T. Fallon / AFP

From June 6 to 10, the ninth Summit of the Americas was held in Los Angeles, an event bringing together the leaders of the countries of North America, Central America, South America and of the Caribbean, supposed to promote cooperation between the different territories. If the latter opened on some tensions, in particular with the boycott of the rally by Mexico, another small detail undermining the United States did not escape some participants, reports the Guardian.

At a side event dubbed ‘The CEO Summit’, many political and industry leaders were invited to come together to discuss the ability of companies to ‘drive the development in the poor regions of Central and South America”, explains the British newspaper.

Among the long list of participants: Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google since 2015, Nick Clegg, number 2 of the Meta company, or even US President Joe Biden. At the end of the meeting, all these beautiful people were able to receive a small bag of goodies from the United States Chamber of Commerce, as is often the case at this kind of gathering.


China and the United States, 75 years of complicated relations

A misstep mocked on the networks

But here it is: the participants were quick to notice a small failure. While the items in this gift bag were meant to promote American industry, upon close inspection guests found that a ‘US Chamber of Commerce’ flocked water bottle and sunglasses were also branded with a ‘ Made in China” (i.e. made in China).

Given the more than tense relations between the two powers…




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