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Australian Shepherd breeder before the Lisieux court: his lawyer pleads for release

The Stéphane Lamart association has filed a complaint against an Australian Shepherd breeder. ©Pixabay

A australian shepherd breeder de Cambremer was before the Lisieux police court (Calvados) this Monday, June 13, 2022 to appear for mistreatment of an animal, after the complaint of the Stéphane Lamart association following the report of an owner. Judgment has been reserved and will be delivered on July 4. The breeder’s lawyer, Maître Jean-René Desmonts, pleaded the release of his client.

Dog’s condition disputed by other vets

During the hearing, Master Jean-René Desmonts first relied on the dog’s state of health. A few days after the sale, a veterinarian had issued a certificate to the buyer indicating that the animal was undernourished. “We sent him to two other veterinarians, who, in view of the elements sent, confirm that he is not not in poor nutrition. The blood test that the veterinarian points out confirms on the contrary that the blood sugar level is high, and that the dog is in good shape, ”explains the lawyer. The dog in question was stunted but was “in good health”. “He had a special treatment for this, which the veterinary follow-up attests,” he says.

Minor inconsistencies

The defense lawyer then relied on the checks carried out by the departmental directorate for the protection of the populations of Calvados. The services isolated “minor non-conformities”, which did not lead to no closure of the farm, no administrative sanctions. “Corrections had to be made, without any delay. There was no serious breach, and work has been done to resolve these non-compliances, ”continues the lawyer.

Maître Jean-René Desmonts indicates that he has provided numerous certificates from breeders and buyers of these dogs bred in Cambremer. “In 18 years, there has never been any bad treatment, and the dogs have been the subject of regular veterinary check-ups”, he assures before adding that the breeding works regularly with SPA who places dogs there.

The court will give its verdict on July 4.

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