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Beer may benefit men’s gut health

Drinking beer would have a positive impact on the body. This was revealed by researchers from the University of Lisbon in a new study published on June 15 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (source 1).

As part of a clinical trial, these scientists asked 22 healthy men aged 23 to 58 to drink 330 ml of beer – alcoholic or not – for 4 weeks. They also collected blood and stool samples to analyze the drink’s effects on the body.

“Health !”

Overall, the researchers found that the beer had increase the diversity of the intestinal microbiota. This term refers to all of the microorganisms in our intestines. It influences not only the digestionbut also on the immune system. Its imbalance is the cause of many pathologies.

The composition of the intestinal microbiota is influenced by many factors, such as genetics, stress and medication intake. But as this study demonstrates, food plays a key role.

According to the researchers, these results could be explained by the polyphenolscomplex molecules with multiple virtues present both in beer and in many fruits and vegetables.

Since the improvement of the microbiota has been observed with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, it may be better to favor non-alcoholic drinks.



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