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Bronchiolitis epidemic: “Physiotherapists are ready to lend a hand”

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MAINTENANCE. The president of the French association of masseurs-physiotherapists rehabilitators recalls the importance of physiotherapy in the treatment of bronchiolitis.

Interview by Stéphane Demorand*

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LThe pediatric sector is reeling before the bronchiolitis epidemic which is currently overwhelming hospitals. The surge is such that some are drawing a parallel with Covid-19, which occurred in March 2020. RSV, the respiratory syncytial virus responsible for bronchiolitis, had been somewhat forgotten, like influenza, thanks to wearing a mask and respected the barrier gestures, but it is making a resounding comeback this autumn and raising fears of a dark scenario a little later in the year with the expected flu epidemic.

In this particularly tense context, where we see children hospitalized sometimes 200 km from home, due to lack of space, the liberal physiotherapists want to lend a hand to the actors of the sector with their expertise in the management of…

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